BWN Telecom Reducing your core business overhead

GUARANTEED 20% REDUCTION on your current per minute rates

Reducing current call costs
  • Landline to mobile
    - by up to 25%
  • Local & National rate numbers - by up to 30%
  • International calls - up to 90% cheaper than BT*
  *Source BT 01/04/03.

International call rates
  • Australia - 5p
  • France - 3.5p
  • Germany - 3.5p
  • Spain - 4.5p
  • USA - 3.5p
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Services to reduce your core business overhead
Telephone Picture BWN Telecom purchases wholesale minutes at discounted rates and, un-like our competitors, passed the savings of up to 30% on to you, reducing your core business overhead.

This is NOT a "gimmicky" leased cost routing solution involving pre-diallers or other hardware expenditure.

BWN Telecom will: -
  • reduce landline to mobile costs across all 4 networks
    - an area of telephony that most companies cannot make any savings
  • GUARANTEE 20% REDUCTION on current per minute rates
    - (calls to mobiles + international landlines)
  • OFFER PER-SECOND CALL COSTS and free fully itemised billing
    - (all calls listed not just ones over x value and no rounding up to whole minutes)
Use our telephone cost converter to see what you could save.
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